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 does it have to be perfect?

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does it have to be perfect? Empty
PostSubject: does it have to be perfect?   does it have to be perfect? EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 8:18 am

I am trying to put together my final product to show a possible retailer(s).
My question is, how perfect must it be? in other words, I am trying very hard to get it as close to what the manufacturer will make it/produce it... the colors of the product will not be the same - printing of the box is not going to be perfect, b/c I'm not going to run thousands and then, it is not the right design, etc.
the contents will be filled in box, the idea of it there- how perfect to the real thing must I get to get the retailer to bite?
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Roger Brown

Roger Brown

Location : South Carolina

does it have to be perfect? Empty
PostSubject: retailer   does it have to be perfect? EmptyTue Jul 21, 2009 8:42 pm

You are walking a fine line and it will depend on the retailer you approach. Most retailers want to see the final finished product so they know exactly what they are going to be selling to the consumer. They also want to see the packaging since that will also be a factor in making it marketable and placement in the store. A manufacturer can look at a rougher model and use that to see proof of concept and decide what costs will be associated with getting it to market and the expected profit margin. You don't want to spend thousands making huge batches of a product you know you will have to scrap for a more refined product.
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does it have to be perfect?
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