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 Entrepreneurship.....What does that have to do with anyting?

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PostSubject: Entrepreneurship.....What does that have to do with anyting?   Mon May 04, 2009 5:01 pm

Inventing is a business, not unlike any other business at it's core is a requirement for profitability. As such, the invention must be transformable into a product developed either for use in the trade, or to be entered into the stream of consumer commerce. Either way, it boils down to an exercise in math - It either works and archives profit, or does not work and achieves failure.

Many inventors I work with have not the slightest idea about business, They don't care and they don't want to care. But they all expect this invention of theirs will magically morph into some wonderful retail product that sells millions and makes them rich beyond belief. Of course it doesn't work that way - the reality is, the entrepreneur will take the ball from the inventor and run down field to cross the goal line....he/she always does.

Inventors who fail to realise the importance of the entrepreneur in this process will never truly understand how to invent for the masses.
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Entrepreneurship.....What does that have to do with anyting?
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