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Troy Robison

Troy Robison

Location : Sunny, Florida

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PostSubject: Troy Robison   Troy Robison EmptySun Aug 29, 2010 8:51 pm

Headline Reads
" Little Boy Love's The Junk Yard "

As a young boy I was a tinkerer. I found out the junk yard was my favorite place to go. (It was my Gold Mine).
I didn’t grow up wealthy and didn’t have all the fancy things all the rest of the kids had. So I would head out to the junk yard to look for anything I could to build something similar to what the other kids had. It wouldn’t be new and shiny as there’s but it worked the same way...

As I grew older the tinkering stayed with me. I have quite a few Patents with some of them Licensed out and considered an Inventor by others. I just consider myself a guy with ideas.....
I have made many mistakes along the way and have the scars to prove it. All the mistakes have made me a smarter Inventor, forcing me to do extensive research and do my homework that I hated in school.

With plenty of practice in the past, I am able to do extensive patent searching and can usually narrow a search down pretty quick with something similar to one of my ideas.

With all the tinkering I’ve done over the years it has given me the ability to build my own prototypes for a working model and do my own drawings before filing a Patent Application...( I leave the Legal stuff to the Attorneys ).......

I try to do most everything myself when possible and know my limitations. If I need help I will ask around until I get the answer I need.

The best advices I can give the Inventor is do extensive research and know your limitations...Don’t be afraid to ask a question because you think someone will think it's stupid. (There is no stupid question). Ask for help if you need it, there are plenty of people willing to help if you will just ask them...

Good luck
Troy Robison
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Troy Robison
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