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 Douglas S. Wozniak

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Douglas S. Wozniak

Douglas S. Wozniak

Location : Davison, MI

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PostSubject: Douglas S. Wozniak   Douglas S. Wozniak EmptyWed Nov 04, 2009 11:12 pm

Douglas S. Wozniak is a retired Skill Trades Auto Worker, applying his skills that he had learned in the United States Navy from 1974 to 1979. He went on to spending his life working in the auto industry as an industrial electrician. Given the complex and technological problems one encounters in servicing high-tech manufacturing equipment, Douglas Wozniak acquired the skills to repair and in most cases improve the process and/or equipment to cut production time and production steps.

Throughout his life he would self teach and learn all sorts of exciting passions. As an example he learned how to create Web Sites by writing the code (HTML, PHP, and JAVA) for family members and friends. He also would experiment with different types of technologies to become energy independent, utilizing the process of Hydrolysis in creating hydrogen to power a propane gas generator.

As a teenager he was always trying to build the better mouse trap. Years later he became independent from others for his livelihood. He finally opened his own machine shop, with the help of his closest childhood friend and partner.

With the many facets to life anyone can learn the skills needed to accomplish extraordinary feats, and go on to becoming whatever they really truly want to be.

Now his desire is to help others to reach their goal, because he has reached his.
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Douglas S. Wozniak
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