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 I have spent a lot on pictures

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I have spent a lot on pictures Empty
PostSubject: I have spent a lot on pictures   I have spent a lot on pictures EmptyFri May 01, 2009 1:09 am

Some inventors spent thousands of dollars on drawings, should it really cost this much? Some say they are needed for success.

thank you in advance Very Happy

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former mentor


I have spent a lot on pictures Empty
PostSubject: Re: I have spent a lot on pictures   I have spent a lot on pictures EmptyFri May 01, 2009 1:10 am

For the past few evenings I have talked with new inventors seeking advice on developing their inventions into viable retail products. All but one had already started down a road that had cost them large sums of money to achieve almost nothing.

I know what you’re thinking…those darn Invention Companies -but you’re wrong. In each case, the inventor had sought out and received advice from people they thought were knowledgeable about this process -when in fact they were knowledgeable about a single part of this process. As you can see from just this blog, this process is long, and often complex. There are many facets to it, and few people are experienced in the entire process. A very common mistake Novice Inventors often make is thinking one discipline has knowledge of the others.

Let’s take the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) person. In CAD drawings you take that vision from the inventors head and interpret it into a computer generated design. The CAD person is going to give you great input into design, but has no experience in packaging, branding, sales, manufacturing, market research, etcetera….. Doesn’t mean they are bad, just that they have experience in that area and not the others.

When looking for advice in this industry. PLEASE look for people who have actually done it. If you are looking to license a product to a manufacturer approach someone who has products already on store shelves using that method (Note: just because someone used a License Agent does not make them an expert on licensing….so ask the question) If you want to try your hand at manufacturing the product yourself. Find someone who has been through all those steps, not just one or two.

If a person has actually gotten products to market they will be able to show them to you and will have no problem telling you the method they used to get there…..ask lots of questions, and get second opinions!

It can save you lots of money in the long run.
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Troy Robison

Troy Robison

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I have spent a lot on pictures Empty
PostSubject: Re: I have spent a lot on pictures   I have spent a lot on pictures EmptyFri May 01, 2009 8:20 am

Great question.

It depends on what stage of the invention your talking about.I have 3 different stages for drawings up to filing a PPA.

1st Stage
It all starts with me on a scrap piece of paper. I do a rough sketch at first then sit back evaluating the idea trying to see how many different features I can add to it without making it to complicated for the consumer and manufacturing process.

2nd Stage
Once the 1st stage is established I start a patent search for something simular to my idea, just for my drawings.. As I'm lookng at other drawings I will zoom in on the product for ideas and maybe pull out a few mechanical parts to see if any of them will work in my inventon....I may have 30 different patent drawings printed and use one little mechanical piece to try and add to my drawings. Its my way of doing a prototype on paper..

3rd Stage
Now I run the patent drawings through the copier and start cutting pieces out that I think will work in my invention...its really like doing a protype in my garage..the big difference is I dont need to run all over the state looking for parts to work...
My system brings me back to kindergarden days paper/scissors cut outs..
After I have all the pieces cut out I just start placing them on my rough drawing and can move them around any where I need to. It's really like putting a puzzle together without looking at the puzzle box cover, I never was very good at that....
After I have all the parts in place the way I need them I copy a final page thats better than the first stage above.

Now that the drawings are complete I use them in my PPA application for protection.....

Once all 3 stages are complete it gives me time to work on a working prototype I can show......Keep in mind I have tinkered in the garage a little with it and no it works........

4th stage
This is usally a sell sheet that needs to be Proffessional and maybe I need to hire someone to do it for me.....Now I need to spend some money, keep in mind I saved money with the other stages doing the drawings on my own...
I may need to call Stephen Key or Roger Brown for the sell sheet help..they are the experts in that area........

5th stage
This is when I need to decide if my drawings are good enough to file for the final patent application. Most of the time they are good enough. Some patent attorneys will tell you the drawings arent good enough for the app....thats not true in all cases..You would be surprised to see how rough some drawings are that have been patented.
The way I look at it, its my money and I will decide if the drawings need to be proffesional or not.....

6th stage
Do I want to License or manufacture the product.

License: I dont need to have professional drawings done. Let them do it because the design will change anyway.....

Manufacture: Maybe I would need to have professional drawings done...Ok I need to pay someone....

Tania, As you can see there are many stages to where the inventor can save money with the drawings...It makes know sense to me to spend some crazy amount of money for drawings before you know you can sell the idea..

This is my opinion and may not be the traditional way but it works for me.....
By the way I still use the blunt end scissors to this day...Just like the old days.... lol!

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I have spent a lot on pictures Empty
PostSubject: Re: I have spent a lot on pictures   I have spent a lot on pictures Empty

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I have spent a lot on pictures
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