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Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd

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Lisa Lloyd

Inventor/Author/Speaker appeared on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank!

Lisa’s success began with an idea for a barrette. While working in a high profilesmsprayer sales position, at the CBS affiliate in Tucson, AZ, consistently keeping her hair nice became a challenge. She often wore her hair up in a French Twist, however, the longer it got, the more challenging it became. After scouring stores to find a barrette that would help, to no avail, she decided to invent one herself. A short thirteen months later she had patented, manufactured, sold to stores and ultimately licensed the patent to Scunci®️ for 20 years of royalty income. The product is now sold in stores around the country and has generated nearly $15 million in retail sales.

In 2001 Lisa licensed 4 more products! Pop Tops™️ and Soft Claws™️ went to Goody Products®️ and Weave~N~Wave™️ and Bobbi Sticks™️ to Scunci®️. In December of 2004, Lisa licensed the CO2 Sprayer. It has been sold under the Visage Natural®️ label as a body art airbrush and under the Mona Lisa™️ label as a craft and hobby product. Different applications provide individuals with a wide range of usessmclix including nail polish, temporary body art, tanning spray, arts and crafts, cake decorating and much more!

In addition to inventing and licensing her own products, she has consulted major corporations like Scunci®️ and InventHelp®️ on how to increase licenses and develop new business utilizing intellectual property.

Lisa has been a featured lecturer at Universities including the University of Arizona's Eller School ofsmclaw Business and Entrepreneurship, Arizona State University's College of Engineering, and the Arizona Intellectual Property Association's continuing education program for patent and trademark attorneys. Most recently she signed on as celebrity spokesperson for IdeaTango.com, a professional and social networking site for inventors and entrepreneurs. Her responsibilities include helping inventors on the site through expert blogs and invention forum moderation and articles.

Her experience includes:

· International Spokesperson for IdeaTango.comnewft

· Manufacturing, importing distributing new products.

· Hosting a live radio talk show ("Invention Talk Radio") in Phoenix. AZ.

· Founder of the "Inventors Association of Arizona" (a non-profit group).

· Has been featured on national talk shows like Dr. Phil and Ananda Lewis.

· Written for the Arizona Republic on Innovation regularly.

· Former President of the Board of Directors the UIA/USA
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Lisa Lloyd
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