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 A Few Rules

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PostSubject: A Few Rules   A Few Rules EmptyThu Apr 30, 2009 3:05 am

Welcome to Inventor's Mentors

Each Mentor has been selected because of their background in the inventing industry and their willingness to help others. Please read through the posts to see if the question has already been asked, if not simply ask and one of our mentors will be happy to respond. Keep in mind that you may not recieve an instant reply. If you have selected "watch this topic" you will receive an Email notification when the Mentor has posted a reply to your question.

Each question you ask adds to the library and helps it grow into an amazing resource center.

In an effort to maintain the information and the integrity of the site, we need to post the following rules.

#1- All post should be in the form of questions for our mentors.

#2- Any abuse or unprofessional response will be deleted- continued abuse will result in a ban from the site.

#3- Please do not post links in our site. See rule #1

Pass our link along to other inventors you feel may find the resources useful but please remember that all information contained in this site is copyrighted and as such is owned by this site. All posts contributed will remain on the site even if upon cancellation of membership. This is to maintain the structure of the information.

If you wish to contact a mentor for help outside of this forum, please use their contact information provided. Unsolicited services from mentors through private messaging is not permitted.
If we have reason to believe you are a looking for inventors to take advantage of, we reserve the right and WILL ban you from this site.

A simple rule about copyright- simple rule about copyright. If you did not write it, you cannot use it as your own. Please do not copy/ paste the questions and answers to other forums as your own like this poster was caught doing (1/2 way down following thread)

Mentor Staff.
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A Few Rules
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